Red roses symbolize romance, beauty, respect, courage, passionate love and unity and are the most popular of all roses. Red roses also stand for the creative spirit of love, the true love stronger than thorns. True red is the Lover’s rose. Amaranth red means long-standing desire, Cardinal red means sublime desire. Carmine means false desire (not true desire). Fiery red means flames of passion. Red rosebuds are meant to reflect the beauty of a young lover and mean “pure and lovely”. Red roses in full bloom say, “I love you still.” Red & White roses together signify unity or togetherness. They are given when facing a challenging life event or to celebrate a strengthening relationship. Red and yellow blended means gaiety and loyalty, jovial and happy feelings.

Pink roses stand for elegance, gracefulness, refinement, gentility, style and poetic romance but are combined with fun and light-heartedness. It is the rose of sweet thoughts and thank yous. Pink roses also signify gratitude, sympathy and appreciation. Dark pink stands for thank you, appreciation and gratitude. Light pink roses convey admiration, sympathy, gentleness, grace, gladness, joy, friendship and sweetness. The combination of red roses and pink roses stands for strong romance and passion. Dark Pink roses are symbolic of thankfulness while pale pink roses are a symbol of joy and grace.

White roses represent unity, loyalty, reverence, humility, love stronger than death, sincerity, purity, silence and innocence as well as youthfulness. Sometimes called the “flower of light,” the white rose also means spiritual love and anticipation of happiness. White roses can also be used to highlight the message of the other rose colors. White (Bridal) roses symbolize a happy love. White rosebuds can also signify girlhood or “too young to love.”

Yellow roses signify strong feelings of pure joy, gladness, happiness and friendship, but were once used to convey jealousy. Friendship is the main meaning of the yellow rose but it also signifies familiar love and domestic happiness. Yellow roses also symbolize fun and freedom. Today, the yellow rose is used to embrace a new beginning, apologize or express sympathy, and to say, “remember me” , “I am sorry’, or “I care.” Yellow roses are appropriate for marking the beginning of a new life together or for starting all over again. A Yellow rose with red tip indicates friendship falling in love.

Purple roses stand for enhancement, magnification, opulence, majesty and glory and mean I will always love you. Lavender roses symbolize caution and the need to proceed slowly and carefully. Lavender roses also indicate a need for discretion but it is also becoming widely accepted as representing love at first sight and enhancement. Burgundy roses mean unconscious beauty. Lilac represents the first emotions of love.

Blue roses stand for fantasies, hoping for miracles, new opportunities and possibilities.

Orange roses indicate enthusiasm, desire and fascination. The orange rose says, “I am proud of you!”

Peach roses signify desire, anticipation, sincere appreciation and optimism for the future. Pale peach roses are a symbol of modesty.

Black roses stand for the color of Death. Death of certain “set” ideas, thoughts, and beliefs. It signifies a major change in the future.